10 Things I Hate About Your Restaurant

10 things i hate about your restaurant cover
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Having a network of loyal customers is like a dream come true in hospitality industry; but having your customers not coming back to your restaurants is like a total nightmare! Here are the top 10 reasons for you who not noticed some common mistakes operators made which leave a bad view in diner’s eyes. Lets take a look!


1. Bad first impression

Bad first impressions

First impression only takes you far. Fair enough? Certainly, when your customers first dine with your restaurant, its important to leave them a good experience. That impression sure sets expectations for future visits. If you don’t meet those goals, you lost some diners as well as their word of mouth positive referrals.


Solution: Always pay a special attention to the employees’ customer service. Are they a friendly one and do they treat all of the tables the same? On other note, always make sure that there is a food quality inspection on a daily basis.


2. Dirty and hairy situation

Dirty and hairy situationA dirty restaurant; dirty ceiling fan; curly hair in your omelet, its equal to walking out from the door. This is certainly a no-no! Not only this would cause madness to the diners, but the future of your restaurant would potentially stuffed!




Solution: To avoid that, try to wear some cap or either set a rule especially for waitresses to always tie their hair!


3. Bad restrooms

Bad restroom

A dirty restroom is just like a dirty kitchen. They are the worst, “If they don’t keep it clean where customers can see, imagine what they can’t”. Think of no toilet paper, missing soap and a lack of towels – you’ve not only lost customers but you have just earned some bad reviews.


Solution: Pretty easy! You got to make sure to always assign a staff member to monitor them throughout mealtime and clean the restrooms daily.


4. Service with a shrug

Service with a shrugThis includes; lazy, disengaged service and no server eye contact. Customers never want it to be “perfect”, but apathy is a biggest sin. It doesn’t matter if the décor was as fabulous as Royal house or your food as delicious as Gordon Ramsay, if the service is not good, the diners won’t come back. So many great restaurants here in town, why would you want waste $$ on mediocre?


Solution: Smile, be friendly and always know how to deal with the public


5. Being put on hold for a very long time

Long waitingLong wait is the worst of all. Waiting is stressful, especially for those who have booked and are likely facing a busy day. They could just throw the paper, walk away and kiss the door goodbye.


Solution: If you are running behind schedule, give an estimate of time on how long their wait will be and seek for the permission. With that, they would feel better. A delay for more than 15 minutes is never good.


6. Unappetizing foods

unappetizing foodThe reason of the customers isn’t returning could just be they don’t like the menu. Perhaps the food was cold or the items are mixed poorly together.






Solution: But don’t down on yourself, you can always ask for the feedback by asking how they feel about the food. This will help you discovers what is good and what needs to be change. See if they have any suggestions for improvement, and work hard to change, as it won’t only affect your bottom line but your future.


7. Lengthy menu

Lengthy menuEvery restaurant should have their own specialties and what your restaurant do well, so they would have a reason to return! For example, a red velvet cake is the special menu in UNION. If your menu were too large with extra information, it would give a lack of focus and a waste of time. These days, time is at a premium for most diners. Large menus take longer to order.


Solution: What you can do is to create a better menu. Don’t try to be all things to all people and make sure you let your customers know what your restaurant is about. Emphasize your greatest hits that made the customers return for often.


8. The unexpected bill

The Unexpected billPrice can be a deterrent for many people. Some of your diners may think your foods are affordable only for the occasional splurge but not everyday regular meal. If that happen, you’ll miss out on the frequent dining crowd.





Solution: Go aim for that “everyday low price”, consider offering smaller menu items at lower prices, so that people can then combine them to create meals that fit their budgets.


9. Competitive next door.

Competitive next doorAround 19% percent reason is for the competitive reasons. A new restaurant is opening up next door or around the corner, this means that the new restaurant is in direct competition with yours. But don’t worry, always be creative and came up with new concept, that’s how you win a customer heart!


10. Never break customers heart!

Never break customers heartCustomers always right – That’s the golden rule in every business! Even if you think the customer is wrong you never, ever, tell them that.

Solution: Be understanding and empathetic, but also take time to listen to their complaints and suggestions, because honestly problems will always arise in even best restaurants – its how you handle them that will determine the comes back



Next time,

Overcoming this hurdle needs some hard work, but in the end it would help you to take on the next stage of your restaurant. Till then, Good Luck!



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