3 Simple Steps to Increase Customer Loyalty through Wi-Fi

3 simple steps to increase customer loyalty
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Have you got many visitors coming to your store, already? If yes is your answer, then let me ask you how many of those visitors are loyal to you? We are not talking about satisfied customers who keep coming back to you because they get what they expect.


Let me give an example: You walk into a coffee shop named Ben’s coffee, the queue is long but the service is quick and within a few minutes, the barista already smile and greets you, she takes your order, hands over the change, and wishes you a great day ahead. You then find a seat, enjoying your coffee while logging into free Wi-Fi provided by Ben’s coffee. The next days, you return to Ben’s coffee to make the same purchase and make use of the free Wi-Fi again, until one day a new coffee shop opens next door and offering a discount for the same coffee and also a free Wi-Fi. Do you tempted to try the new coffee shop? Well, I do.


So, does it sound challenging to maintain customers and make them loyal? Let me give you 3 simple steps to keeping your loyal customers simply by maximizing your existing Wi-Fi:


1. Get  a Wi-Fi analytic tool

Providing free Wi-Fi for customers is essential but it becomes operational burden. Now, why don’t you leverage this burden and turn it into asset by installing a Wi-Fi analytic tool that will tell you what you need to know about your customer? Installing a Wi-Fi analytic tool is as easy as plug and play.


There’s many Wi-Fi analytic company from around the world offering such services with competitive price. Make sure you pick the one offering login method using email address or social media. This is an important key information to communicate back with your customer. But before you do any communication, make sure you do step 2 first.


2. Understand your customers’ behavior

Start understanding who your loyal customers are and what will make them loyal. Below are the information you need to get:

  • Customers’ demographic information (date of birth, gender, location)
  • How many visits do you get in a day, a week, a month?
  • How long do they spend time in your place?
  • When is your busiest day and time?
  • How often do they come?
  • When was their last visit?
  • How many people passing by your place?


You can easily grab these information from the Wi-Fi analytic and once you get used to the data provided, you’ll have more insights on what’s happening inside your store and what needs to or can be done to increase sales.


3. Surprise your customer with something they never thought they will get from you.

With the information gathered on step 2, you can start analyzing your customers and give them personalized experience. Start with greeting your new visitors with exclusive offers, rewarding customers who come to your place 3-5 times a week, or even entice those who never been around since last visit 2 weeks ago to come again.


Consider this scenario: Imagine yourself having a birthday and you want to start your day with a cup of coffee, so you go to Ben’s coffee as usual and upon arriving at Ben’s, a message popping up on your mobile phone saying “Happy birthday! Ben’s have prepared a glazed donut and a coffee to celebrate your day! Talk to Ben’s barista to get your coffee.” How do you feel about this? Would you be happy to get a free coffee on your birthday?


Perhaps you will be confused on how Ben’s did know about your birth date but that doesn’t matter since you got a free coffee to enjoy anyway (Of course, Ben knows it from Wi-Fi analytic tool). Will you tell your friend about the experience and encourage them to come with a hope that one day they can get the same excitement you’ve got today? Lastly, will you still care to try the discounted coffee next door? If the answer is no, then congratulations. You’ve been converted into Ben’s loyal customer.



These 3 simple steps can help you build your own offline fan base community and if you explore more, there’s thousands of ideas you can apply to make your store a place to remember.


Stuck with ideas? Leave a comment below and share your challenges with us.



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