Crack This Recipe of Going Viral!

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Going viral is the holy grail for any content creator. Its not only mean a moment basking in the internet spotlight, but a million dollar bucks too. Going viral is never within our control, because truly there is no secret tools where you products can go viral. It takes luck – yes, by being in the right place, right time and shared by the right person at the right time


Viral Recipe

Things happen unexpectedly. How many times have you across the situation where you made an extra effort for something you thought have a potential to be popular, but it goes no where? Or the other way round? Well, we can’t control luck or whatsoever, but you can always create chances to be lucky.

1. Improve Your Design

People tend to think, like okay I’ve publish my site, then boom it’s done. You’re wrong, because truthfully you have more work to do. Placement, colors, and design is important, especially when you have a website. You don’t want your viewers came through to your site and leave, because they don’t like the look of your site.

2. Think Outside the Box

Think something difference and follow the trends. Do you notice that trend change every time? Last time we all love Oreo, but now we love Nutella. This is just for an example. My point is that, I don’t recommend focusing on one particular topic, because your blog is going to end up be soulless.

3. Share, Share and Share it!

The more you be in the virtual visit promoting your brand, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. You Pin it, Facebook share it, tweet it, Instagram it, you send it out in your newsletter. Then, what else do you do? Join into community group, do outreach and make friends. That’s how you do it 😉

4. Do the Else

In here, i mean work hard and be professional. All of these leads would drag more readers and traffic, which mean higher chance of going viral! Note that everything doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. Let me know what you think, if you like this post, please do share it to those whom you think would get benefit from this. Thank you


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