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When it comes to AdWords, the most important part is establishing a keyword strategy. Developing a keyword strategy will have a huge impact on your campaign. This means you should carefully set it up before redirecting your attention towards the AdWords campaign. So, let`s see how to correctly structure your keywords in order to be successful with your campaign.


What Makes a Great PPC Campaign?

right keyword

First of all, you should focus on structuring your PPC Campaign. At this point you will have to concentrate on two main levels: the campaign and the ad group. you will have to set up unique content for particular campaigns due to the fact that uniqueness is highly valued. Consider setting up a campaign for each product or service you feature. This will allow you to properly structure your keywords.


On the other hand, at an ad group level you will have to concentrate on the ad group created around a specific product. Here you will have to carefully analyze the top keywords and consider whether or not those are visible. Also, look for all the keywords present in that particular group and see if they have reached a good quality score. The purpose should be organizing as best as possible in order to stay up in the top.


Right Keyword = Higher Search ranking

Next step, you will have to build a keyword list. This is an important step because you will have to understand what people search for on the internet. So, to catch their attention, you need to learn about their preferences. This is the first step towards optimizing your content. Consider your ideal customers, your competitors and what keywords pop-up often in search results. Also, it is highly recommended to make use of terminology related to the field you are in. The trick here is to create a mix of keywords based on the monthly search volume and on the level of competition.


1. Make Use of the Keyword Planner Tools

Google AdWords allows you to use it, if you have a Google account and it is full of interesting features. All you have to do is to insert a general term related to your business and search via the keyword toolbox. This will offer you a list with monthly inquiries and the terms used. Moreover, in some cases it is best to use long tail keywords. These are larger phrases that potential customers use. The beauty about those is the fact that they are less competitive. So, think like a customer and establish what you would type in your search engine in order to find services related to your business.


2. Try Different Match Types by Adwords

Another aspect you should consider for your PPC campaign is the match types used by AdWords. There are four different match types. Let`s see what each one is about.

  • The broad match refers to the keywords that have the biggest audience. This means that if you place this type of match in your ad, you are suitable for a search result that has any word from your key phrase.
  • The modified broad matched represents an in between option that allows you to restrict particular words by making use of the `+` parameter. Basically, this means you place that sign in front of a keyword in order to transmit to Google the fact that is necessary for the search to include that particular word.
  • Phrase match refers to the fact that your ad will only show up only if the user has typed exactly your keywords. Keep in mind that for this must be used the same order as you have used.
  • The Exact match type is the one that comes with a bundle of restrictions. The phrase match can work with different words in front or after the set of keywords, while the exact match refers to the fact that your ad can be seen only if the search query features the exact keywords you made use of.


3. Negative Keywords is One Of a Kind

It is best to make use of the negative keywords feature, too. This will offer you the permission to establish what type of terms you are not willing to pay for. If you consider the broad match from above, this feature is pretty useful. Basically, this feature prevents you from buying useless ads. So, after you have carefully chosen both your negative and positive keywords, you can easily make use of the Traffic Estimator. This is an useful tool that allows you to make predictions about your ad`s success rate.


How Do You Get Started?

Bottom line, the keyword research is a vast process that allows you to strategically set up any marketing campaign. If you properly choose the terms, you will definitely achieve the results you are looking for and I can help you with that! Digital Noobs will set your Adwords easily and effectively, request a consultation for our Adwords service ONLINE. Our Adwords services experts can begin right away! We will call discuss your goals and strategy and start working on improving your Google Adwords with you

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