Facebook Ads, Anyone?

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Have you ever wonder if it makes sense to advertise on Facebook? my answer is YES! Why? because IT WORKS. I’m sure you have friends who says Facebook ads is a bad idea for one reason or another. Either they read some articles or they’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook ads but didn’t get any expected result. But if that’s true, then why are there over 1 million advertisers focusing their strategy on Facebook ads? Why do they keep on spending their advertising budget on Facebook ads? And why does Facebook ads has grown 68% since 2010. Well, there must be a solid reason here.


So, why advertise with Facebook ads?

First, Facebook ads has multi purpose apps for your page. Creating a page is not the only thing you can do on Facebook. You can spice it up by installing useful apps depending on your needs.

Second, A detailed system for tracking results, so if you got money to burn, you should not be upset about this. It’s all about experiment.


The Nature of Facebook 

Facebook ads has developed new and innovative ways to target advertising messages, based on the whole amount of data they posses about their users. Facebook ads able to help you advertise to people who live within a few miles of your location, by city or country and of course, based on their demographic profiles (specific age group, gender, education, interest, work). These features make Facebook a great candidate to fill the advertising needs if you have a local or international target market.

Mobile ads have already become one of the best acquisition channels for every business to boost their recognition and get to the top of list charts. The good news is that Facebook also offer the mobile-only ads in 2012 and it was such a success that 53% of Facebook ads revenue comes from mobile.

Facebook Ads

Its Getting Better Every Day

If you’re trying to sell personal products that is new, trendy, hip or cool, Facebook ads is a great tool to help you get recognition. Product that get an aspect of social advantages proves more fun to sell.

Anyway, you can always take advantage of Facebook ads no matter what business you’re in. Start from specifying marketing campaign to cater your preferences. You may have different pockets within your customer database. But that’s okay. The better you understand that, the more you can reach your goal.

If you want more detailed information, click here. You might want to see the info graphic provided there. Better yet, don’t give up. Remember, marketing on Facebook ads is about properly sequencing your efforts, as much as it is about spending wisely. So now, I want to know what’s your opinion on Facebook ads? Leave a comment.


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