How Do I Get Shares on Facebook?

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The test of a good Facebook page is in its engagement. Yes, I know you all want to have the most fans, but how useful are these fans if you don’t keep them engaged. Do you know that Facebook offers the insights on these measures for every of your pages, and all of these are easily accessible.


User Behavior on Facebook

Studies continue to be done to understand the behavior of users and how the results can help entities maximize visibility on the social media platform. In one of our previous articles, Why We Like, Share, and Comment on Facebook [Infographic], we referred to IPSOS’ worldwide poll that indicated what people mostly share. These insights can help us increase our shares on Facebook, thus, going viral to the right people in the right way and time. Let’s get these shares by putting the following into place:

1. Make every post worth looking at

make every post worth looking

As a person scrolls through their timeline, you have less than a second to impact them enough to stop, much less share what we have posted. You therefore need to ensure that the post is eye-catching and worth a longer look. Use images relevant to the content and also seasons. Noted that Seasons may be in relation to your business category, your target group or even the time of year.

Research has also shown that Facebook is now accessed mostly on mobile devices, so ensure that images are within the appropriate dimensions and where the post may lead to a link, the link must be modified for mobile users as well.

2. Ensure that posts are relatable

relatable post

Fans want to know that what they are seeing speaks to them. Studies reveal that social media is an avenue for persons to find their happy place and feel a sense of belonging. What about the post will draw them to a thought, memory, passion, belief, or even require an opinion? While the post relates to the viewer, it must also represent your brand in a positive way.

3. Post at the correct times


It is important to invest time in researching the peak social media times for the respective target groups. This will allow us to time our most impact posts for the highest visibility and ultimately shares. As your audiences become aware of these timelines, you must create a consistent pattern that will help to keep your entities in the forefront of your audiences minds everywhere they go or even when they are not login to Facebook. It’s best to see this article “It’s Social Media Time” to be on the right track.

4. Incentivize posts

incentive post

Incentives may come in the form of prizes, gifts or even linkages to causes. Some persons will share based on how they will benefit. Competitions are attractive and can be used as a quick tool to increase the shares for a particular post. We must be careful with this tool though, the numbers will spike, but may not be a true reflection of awareness, so it must be used wisely.

Causes are a great way to drive shares. As is appropriate, wecan use posts to show support for something the target group will care about. It has also been penned that persons post in order to have others know their likes, dislikes and even passions. This works well when a “Call to Action” is added. We must note though, that these must be used within reason and where a commitment is attached, it must be shared as well so fans see the process from end to end.

5. Keep it short


Let’s get to the point–and fast! The viewer should know what’s happening at a glance. If the post calls for detailed information, it can be put in a link.

6. Get the ball a rolling

word of mouth

We have to show interest in our posts too. Let’s start sharing from our personal profile and get friends, family, employees and associates to share too. Tag profiles and pages that are relevant to the messages, and their fans / friends will have the opportunity to share too.


More Engagement on Facebook?

Are we a step closer to increasing our Facebook shares now? Can we look forward to increased engagement? Yes we are! Let’s get the needed information and set out a plan, setting our targets and exceeding them.



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