Social Media Can Help To Recruit New Staff

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Whether you realize it or not, you already actively build your employer brand every time you talk to a candidate about the work environment, culture, or even each time you talk to a friend about your day.

By helping people understand what it’s like to work at your organization, you can build a pipeline of talented people who are excited to work for your organization… even before you post a job opening. That also makes it easier for you to recruit new staff. Today we want to show you how you can use social media to recruit new staff.

Social Media Can Help You for Future Job

First, why social media?

Because it is simple yet powerful. “Social media allows not only information about a candidate’s experience, but a glimpse into their lifestyle, values and cultural fit. 93% of the companies are using social media in their recruiting efforts” – Florentine. By leveraging social media, the quality of candidate has improved.


Building a Great Company

By that, you have to start hiring great people and social media provides a way to connect to high-caliber employees. The growth of social media has provides access to huge number who have posted their career experience online. Social media has made it possible, here are some tips to help you make your social media recruiting efforts productive.

1. Know Your People

The key to this is to figure out which particular of people you need for your business. Make use of large social media like LinkedIn and Facebook that has offered access to a larger database. From there, we assure that you can find whole bunch of candidates pages that best suits for your company.

2. Treat Them Well

Treat your employee with respect. As you are developing your social network, establish yourself as a relevant resource and you are more likely to get enthusiastic help when you need it. At the same time, always be courteous and professional, because bad reviews spread quickly than you expected.

3. Quality vs. Quantity

The larger your network are, the more opportunities you will have. With social media though, a large quantity doesn’t guarantee a large quality. Balancing them by growing your network organically will make the company look far more valuable in the quality of the relationships.

4. Sign to LinkedIn now

We are pretty sure that you are aware of LinkedIn, because it offers the easiest access to resume-style information. Make sure you always updated with the current and former coworkers that you respect. LinkedIn isn’t just an information storehouse, it allows you to build relationship with potential employees even before you need to hire them.

5. Job Seekers are Everywhere

Its a total win-win situation. Because when you are looking for great employees, there are also some people who looking for a job. That is why is so important for your company to keep current and relevant, as well as provide job seekers with an accurate profile of your company. However, it is still your decision in the way how you presenting yourself in social media. The key to everything is that to pay attention to which method deliver the best and invest your effort from there.


When it comes to social media, finding new staff is not the only thing you need to focus. Instead, building your company’s brand and working environment is also important to attract the best candidates for your company. So, would you like to try to hire a new candidate through social media?



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