Top 5 Ingredients for Instagram Photo Contest

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tInstagram contest is a great boost to your social media marketing. Don’t you agree? By using a small prize as an incentive will drive you tons of new users to participate. In this post, we will show you how to achieve success via Instagram contest. First of all ……


1. A good choice of prize and entry method


Believe it or not, this is what drives people to enter. Always consider prize ideas relevant to your business. For example, gift card is the best contest prize that any business could gift. Why? It will attract entries of customers to be interested in your product and it would make it easy to convert them into sales. I meant, who doesn’t love gift card? Well, we do..


Do you think that method is enough? It doesn’t! Next, decide what users need to do after they enter the contest. Do they have to submit a photo? Or just a click of green button on Instagram? What the request are all depends on your goals. Here are 3 entry methods to consider:


  • “Enter to Win”

For this type of entry method, the users have to submit a photo from Instagram to be entered into the contest and the total number of votes will choose the winner.


  • “Like to Win”

It might be the simplest method, but with the lowest barrier. All users need to do is to “like” one of the photos on Instagram. This will drive a ton of entries and likes on your photo.


  • “Follow to Win”

Same method like the previous one, but in this method a user require to follow your Instagram account to be entered to win the contest. This will drive a ton of entries and new followers.



2. Build your Contest Page


2 words: It has to be simple and exciting, of course! Think about some nice prize ideas to get people excited. Here are the 3 elements of an Instagram Contest Page:


  • Attention-Grabbing Title:

A short title is the best way to maximize entries. “Enter to win a $50 gift card from xxx” is the perfect of both simple and informative as it contains essential information a person needs to feel informed enough to enter the contest.


  • Photo of the Prize

An image of your prize is a great way to entice people to win it. Lil’ opinion: include an image with the gift card value in text and a product that people can buy with it.


  • Entry & Prizing Info

You can also include a short paragraph with the information of your prize contest, so you don’t have to repeat the same answer every single time the users check the contest through Instagram 🙂



3. Promote and Share your Contest


When the contest is created, its time to promote them! But what are the initial seeds of a promotional boost? Here are the 5 methods:


  • Send an Email Blast

Don’t take this for granted – Email your customer! They will be the most likely to enter the contest and share with the friends


  • Promote on Other social media

This where your media used for! Make use of your Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, you name it! Or anywhere else you have a social presence with! This is another great alternative to introduce users from other networks and get them hooked more into your brand.


  • Add a banner on your website

As an online business owner, you wouldn’t get most of your traffic from social account. Instead, you’ll get most traffic from your website. Take advantage of this web traffic by promoting your contest entry page on the banner of your homepage.


  • Create a Facebook ad

This method can be very targeted to reach your demographics. This is also a great way to reach new customers outside of your current community


  • List your contest on popular contesting website

There are also tons of brand who submitting a contest. Ask them for free submissions, if they are allowing to! These are a great way to get access to new communities of customers.



4. Monitor your Contest


The reason of a contest creation is either on tracking submissions and even to gain new followers. Here are 3 methods for monitor metric of your Instagram contest.


  • Hashtags

Short but useful! One requirement your probably can make is for every photo submission to include a specific hashtag. If you do this, you can easily track of how many photos are being shared on Instagram by that particular contest


  • Google Alerts

Set up google alerts to monitor mentions of your contest across the entire web


  • 3rd Party Campaign Reports

Some 3rd party provide campaign creation service which include real time campaign reports, that allow you to track views, entries and conversion rates in real time



5. Post contest Email Follow up and Promotion


Even after the contest is over, you can still use it to promote your page further. One of them is by showcasing winning photos on your Instagram account and other social channels, send them a follow-up email to contest entrants to convert them into customers and last but not least, post teasers for future contests on Instagram to keep your followers hooked!



If you think you have checked all of the activities above there, then you are good to go! Hopefully this reading may have inspired you with some fresh ideas of Instagram contest worthy! Byee.


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