How to Create a Successful PPC Advertising?

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For those who may not aware of what PPC advertising is, I’m here to enlighten you. Better yet, I will also explain on how to create a successful PPC Advertising to increase your business sales. First of all, PPC advertising means pay per click advertising, this is also called cost per click ads.


What is PPC Advertising?



After you look at it, do you know what the ads is all about? PPC advertising means that you or your team,  the advertisers manage the fix budget for you ads. Then the users click on each add one by one, earn the revenue of each add by clicking on it. Do you get it? Simply, PPC advertising is an advertising model used to direct traffic to website, in which the advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicks. It is the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. It also offers the direct and rented referral system, which is:

  • Direct Referral 

In direct referral system, its pretty easy. Let’s say you are giving a website link to a friend. If the friend is joining the website then the friend would be automatically become the referral of you. After that, you will get revenue from the referral action. Direct referral works for whole life and never expire.

  • Rented Referral 

In rented referral system, you as the user is buying the referral from website. These paid referral works for 30 days. After that, you will need to pay again.


Should You Use PPC Advertising?

The answer is yes. PPC Advertising matters to big brands and it drives revenue. Note that PPC advertising has positive impacts, because they earn through clicking process and most of the company that use PPC advertising earn millions of dollar every year, even months. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau report from January 2014 to June 2014, they earned around $9.1 billion through internet advertising. How amazing is that?

 IAB report


Looked from the above figure facts from Interactive Advertising Bureau, creates a huge line of how many luxury brands prefer to use internet to advertise their product. Surprisingly, brands from apparel, beauty, shoes and handbags were using this method. The question now, do you have what it takes to advertise online? Keep reading.

PPC Advertising is Technically Easy

google paid search

Do you see what I did there? I did not meant to say that PPC Advertising is as easy as flipping your hand. Honestly, it is easy if you already understand the setting of what makes a good campaign is. To create a successful google campaign, you have to set the budget and list goes on. Below are some points that I hope it helps you:

1. Create and Select the type of campaign you want

To setup your campaign you have pick a campaign type and campaign subtype. The campaign type will ensure that where customers will be able to see to your add and  campaign sub-type will ensure that which settings and options are available.


  • Display network setting:

In display network setting you tell to AdWords  where your ads can show and who can see your add as they browse the display network. For this purpose we use this setting below:

  • Click on the “Display Network” under the “ All campaigns”.
  • Click +Targeting.
  • Select the “ Add targeting” and choose anyone method from targeting method.
  • To show ads on pages related to soccer, you could select “ Display keywords” and add buy soccer balls.
  • Click on close and save your setting about ad group.


  • Network Search Only:

In network search only you target your add towards high potential customers who search for the specific service. Ads show according to the type of content on the website, for example your site is about shopping website so then your website will show Google adds that related to online shopping.


  • Default:

The default bid is a process that manage the bids for all type of keywords in your ad group. You can override the default ad group bid for each keyword by increasing and decreasing their MAX CPC. Start by first sign up to your Adwords and select the campaign, then complete the steps on the page that appears.


2. Determine the Location where you want your ad to appear:


After applying the “Location targeting setting” you can track the performance by location through setting tab, (You can find setting tab under the “Locations”)Location reports will show the date in two forms below:

  • What target your add (geographic) :

In this process you can see the physical location of your customer and also the content they have viewed. After regarding this you can set your add according to the target customers.

  • User locations:

In this process you can see only your customer physical location but not the content that they see. Location reports allow you to view your add performance, for example if you want to target “Canadian Users”  then it will help you to target your add to your desire users.


3. Customize your Network and Devices:


  • Network:

In customizing of network you ensure that where on the internet your add will show. You decide that your add will be showed on Google search network or display network or your add will be showed on both.

  • Devices:

Campaign automatically target all types of devices, but if you have “Display network only” campaign then you can target some type of specific operating system and wireless networks.


4. Time To Bid Your Budget 


For this method we follow some rules below:

  • Chose default or manual bidding for ad clicking, usually it will MAX.CPC
  • Chose advance option that will let you to choose to pay per thousand viewable impressions.
  • You can use another process, in this method you set a cost per acquisition bid.
  • Starting bid:$1
    Mobile adjustment: $1 + ($1 x 20%) = $1.20
    Resulting bid for searches on mobile devices: $1.20
  • In another example, let’s say you have a US$1 bid and would like to decrease it. To adjust it to US$0.80, select -20% (not +80%, which would cause your bid to increase to US$1.80).
  • Adjust your campaign daily budget at any time.


 5. Ad Extension:


This option shows the relevant business information such as personal or phone number with your text add. It’s help to the end user to reach you directly. You can manage the ad extension in the “ Ad extension tab”


Make Use of an Ad Group 

traffic up

Ad group lets you to manage the bids and their share keywords, To create an ad group we follow some steps:

  • Sign in your Adwords Account.
  • Click on the Campaign tab.
  • After that click on “ All campaign tab”
  • After that click on the name of the campaign that you want to add on ad group to.
  • Choose ad group tab.
  • Click the +Ad group button.
  • After that on the “Create ad Group page” follow the all instructions to complete your new ad group.
  • Click on “Save Ad Group”.
  • Once you will create an ad group, you can add it with more ads and keywords, for that purpose you just click on ads Keywords.


PPC has become important part in internet marketing. So, are you in the head of the game now to start a PPC advertising now? I guess so! Goodluck and spread the word!


We are here to help you on your Google campaign! Leave on the comment below and see you on the other side!

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