How to Find & Engage Potential Customer

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How do you keep a potential customer engaged through the entirety of a sales process that may last months or years? How do you keep a present customer engaged enough to look for you when they are looking to buy again? Effective customer engagement helps you keep your customers’ attention, and engage potential customer as well.


Customers will buy into you before they buy from you

If they don’t trust you or aren’t quite ready to commit to an engagement, they aren’t going to give you their money no matter what. So, you are never too late to start to:


Build a Community or Group

There are several great ways to build an online community to more effectively interact and engage with your customers. Forums have been around for years and are still a widely used method of engaging with customers and allowing customers to engage with each other. Forums will likely still be around for the foreseeable future, but many companies are now finding it more advantageous to connect with customers on various social networks. Customers are already on these social networks every day, so instead of relying on customers to regularly visit your forum to interact and engage with you, why not bring the conversation to them on their social networks of choice?

Google+ Communities, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn Groups are just a few of the many social networking sites that allow individuals and companies the ability to set up topic or brand communities.


Take a Genuine Interest in Your Customers

How do you know what information is helpful to your customers? How about asking them? Social media can be a great place to do this. Be prepared for the response, though, and don’t flake out if you get more negative response than positive. Negativity provides you with a great opportunity to proactively address and fix customer grievances. Often that can result in a customer who is happier than if they’d never had a problem to begin with.


Follow-up with a Person

Auto-responders are popular because they’re cheap and easy. Unfortunately, that’s also how they make your customers feel. If customer engagement really matters to you, make the investment to follow up with a genuine person, whether you’re writing an email, communicating on social media, or calling on the phone.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Engaged

Unless you’re the only one communicating with your customers, your employees will play a vital role in ensuring engagement. If they’re not engaged, how can they possibly keep customers engaged? Detachment is contagious, and your employees will infect your customers.

Model proper engagement techniques by applying all these tips internally first. You’ll be surprised at your employees’ ability to convey and amplify engagement to your customers, and the return will be multiplied many times over.


What other ways have you found to be effective in engaging with your customers online? What’s missing from your website? Have you looked? Tell us below what you think is missing and what you can do to further engage with your customers.


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