Marketing Superhero ft. The Avengers

Marketers assemble
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Have you ever thought about having a full marketing team from you favorite Sci-Fi movies?


It’s obvious that each of The Avengers has some specific skills that us humans are incapable of. But just like us, those skills are made to be put in a good use. The qualities that make each of us humans and superhero could breakthrough the ideal for what creates the ultimate marketing superhero.

what is marketing superhero?


With a boosting rate over 1 million fans, The Avengers forms what’s clearly a nuclear bomb threat for marketing. Check the info graphic below to find out why.


#1 Captain America – VP for Branding Team

Starting from Captain America who we think will be an excellent VP for branding team as he vowed to serve his country any way possible, he should serve job that way too, we bet. And he is highly intelligence as well!

#2 Thor – Head of Graphic Design

Or, are you looking for the head of Design team? Thor could be the one, as he secretly trained in arts and a son of Odin. The design team need someone who can turns words into something engaging and Thor is the man. We mean, his voice of course.


#3 Iron Man – CEO

Although he has a bit of drinking and love problem all his life, Iron Man always fight for justice. He is currently CEO of Stark and his genius level of intellect yet keen in business mind would make him a kick-ass Director.


#4 Black Widow – Public Relation Manager

Black Widow is such an attention seeker and fashion goddess. You can’t help, but all guy and even girls fall for her. Her nature personalities will make her a great Public Relation Manager. Plus, she can take care of herself and she looks good. Not to mention, sexy.


#5 Hulk – Social Media Manager

Born with size of 7 foot plus 900 pounds green and bad anger issue, Hulk probably not a good candidate to meet the client. He should stay in the office and become Social Media Manager. His job is optimizing a top notch traffic database, inside the office as if he’s angry can deafen people. Well, at least for the other Avengers’ coworkers.


#6 Hawk Eye – Chief Marketing Officer

Hawk eye is a world class archer, so he has pretty good reflexes. He is also grow and prove to increase strength and toughness alone. Iron man said that Hawk Eye has a great eyes reflex, so we don’t want to ruin that. No question about it, he’s our Chief Marketing Officer.


#7 Nick Fury – Digital Marketer

To know in and outs of Digital Marketing is so important to our marketing efforts. With his past full of experiences, Nick Fury will be the valuable player as Email Marketer. He’s the lead generation guy, as he can bring new skills and ideas to the team.


If you thought your marketing team was the greatest one, check out The Avengers’ info graphic specially crafted by Digital Noobs and you probably want to think again. Clearly, The Avengers characters is what we call a true success of marketing team. Don’t you agree? Comment on the post below to tell us what you think!

avengers infographic


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