#1 Tips of Good Online Store

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As a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar store, it can be easy to hit a slump and feel frustrated when sales are down or when you’re just not getting enough foot traffic. Same issue goes to online store owner too. Luckily for you, I’ve collected ten pieces of advice for that exact purpose.

The tips and insights of good online store contained in their answers listed below pack a lot of punch but will only work if you decide to put it into action. Let’s dive right in.

Give People a Reason to Go to Your Store

“The #1 thing you, retailers can do is to give people a reason to go to their store. I have seen shops that hold exclusive events, limited and only available items in stores and use online coupons to use in-store only to promote their stores.”


 Motivate Customers to Take Action

Its time to be unique! You may stock your store with exclusive gift sets or pieces. Be sure customers feel that they are limited by time and inventory, so they are motivated to take action. As long as your brand has a clear message, because of the timeframe that they’re there, this urgency only enhances the experience and stresses to the customers that they need to get it now or they won’t have an opportunity to get it again, at least, not in the same kind of way. That’s key.”


Remember Existing Customers

Once you are up and running, remember that existing customers are your best customers. Make sure that you encourage them to return by making special offers and letting them know what you are doing at your store.


Good E-commerce Platform

The key feature to building a successful online store is a rock solid e-commerce platform. they has to have sufficient features such as discount, customer groups, online payments, etc. However, at the same time, is mustn’t be over-complicated in order to make it fast enough. I would recommend using Virtuemart, running onJoomla! CMS. It is the best e-commerce platform for Joomla! which gives you handy features mentioned above.


The Magic of Home Page

Home pages are usually the first obstacle for customers to actually purchase something… Sounds weird but it’s true. Make use of the home page for discount banners, business claims, featured products, etc. Customers love when there is a discount. They love it even more when they see the original price 🙂 Also, a home page is a good place for your top sellling products: don’t make your regular customers click through the whole website to get to the product they want > just give the best selling product on the home page, along with the featured ones.


Market Offline

It’s true that all of your prospects are online (if they are not online, they can’t buy from your store!) But it’s sometimes forgotten that 100% of these prospects also have a life offline. You need to ask whether traditional marketing methods such as direct mail may drive traffic cost-effectively to your site.


Hope it helped. Good luck with building a great online store! Tell us whether this guide works for you!

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