Top 5 Causes of Slow Internet Bandwidth

Top 5 causes of slow internet bandwidth cover
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Surfing the Internet Wi-Fi hotspot in the restaurant is fun. Upload photo, watching video, downloads, chat with friends among other things like browsing, exchanging Email, or Skype. However, these activities will turn out to be rather annoying when the Internet connection suddenly becomes slow. Do you want to know what might cause it? Check out the following list to find what cause your Wi-Fi slow:

1. Application that uses a lot of internet bandwidth.

Many applications are installed in a laptop, tablet and smartphone. However, there are some applications which use up large bandwidth such as online games, radio/TV streaming, Video call and many more. These can affect the comfort of the fellow Wi-Fi users as speed will drop significantly for the others.

2. Weak Wi-Fi radio signal strength.

No matter how huge the bandwidth you subscribe, location of device against access point is key. Each access point has different signal strength and capacity of user that can connect to it concurrently. The further a user from an access point, the less radio signal strength the device will receive which means connecting to the internet is almost impossible and user will often get disconnected.

3. Total number of concurrent users connected.

Again, huge bandwidth means nothing if too many users are connected to an access point. A low grade access point can only hold up to less than 20 concurrent users and beyond that number, a drop in quality of service is inevitable.

4. ISP’s device quality.

Most ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides a device that are less suitable for public environment such as restaurant/venue. The device is not typically for multiple users, unable to provide stable signal, Signal strength does not cover all location, etc. ISP usually does this to cut the budget to make their service more affordable.

5. Lack of bandwidth management and control.

If you don’t use bandwidth management and someone in your house regularly use video chats, plays online game, download torrent files, or uses services like Netflix, they may be hogging bandwidth and making the internet slower for everyone else.


Getting a good Wi-Fi quality requires knowledge and experience in handling a Wi-Fi network. Share with me your experience or let me know if you think there’s another causes that is more worthy to be considered as the top 5. The truth is, there’s many more causes that makes a Wi-Fi slow but this is my top 5 list. What’s yours?

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