What is Hashtag on Instagram?

Instagram Hashtags
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Even with the uncanny rise of hashtag usage, many of us are still confused when it comes to using it and many more still have no idea when it comes to its meaning. So, what is hashtag?

The hashtag (#) was originally invented for a group of people to identify themselves online. Now it is being used to categorize posts on all social media platforms. It has also been used to follow new stories and getting up-to-date info about recent events and business purpose, surprisingly.

So what about hashtag on Instagram? Yes, they work similarly to Twitter hashtag, but from the perspective of an Instagram user you can add any hashtags to any of your photos. It doesn’t need any special coding or college degree to create one. it is pretty simple, straightforward, yet easy.


What are hashtags

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Actually, what is the true purpose of hashtag? 

The answer is simply for ‘interaction’, of course. Hashtag is a great way to stay connected and contribute to a global online conversation. it provides context and relevance as searchable hyperlinks. For instance, if you want to see what’s going on inside Digital Noobs this month? You can type.. (its not official) #DNforAugust

A generic or ambiguous statement can be qualified with hashtag. #DNforAugust is the term for “Digital Noobs for August”. This allow the viewers to promote and monitor conversation about recent activities of Digital Noobs in August by tapping on #DNforAugust for more engagement.



As a bonus, every hashtag now has an RSS Feed associated with it, which make it easy to subscribe to new photos. If you are interested with this feature, simply point it to your favorite feed reader to allow event organizers or anyone to follow along with live photos. More on this via:  Instagram.


Anything else? 

Little bird told us, that post with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as those who don’t. So now, do you understand what hashtag is? Will you use it for your future post? I think you will! Thank you for reading “What is Hashtag” post by Digital Noobs. See you again tomorrow!



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