Why on earth do I want to create a Facebook page for my business?

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Ever wondering why do you need to create a Facebook page for your business? Why even bother to choose Facebook and not the other social network? Well here’s 5 reason to convince you:


1. Facebook is the market leader for social network.


Of that many social network available in this era, Facebook is the first to surpass 1 billion registered users. That’s 1 billion people in the world who has the chance to see your brand. You can also target specific patrons by demographic and location.


2. Reach specific target audience.


Although Facebook has more than 1 billion users, you don’t need to target them all. You just need to focus on people who has interest in your products & services. If you’re a local business you can direct your ads to target customers within 25 km radius of your place. This will create higher chance of likes and potential customers.


3. It’s a new way to connect to your customer … and fans!


In good old days, businesses always put their contact and address on Yellow Pages to acknowledge to everyone that the business is exist and legit. But these method has a price and besides, who still looking at yellow pages when they want to find a business address? Everyone has gone mobile now and they will go to search engines, company’s website or social media page to get information. You should also try to get testimonials and reviews from customers so you can get an honest, priceless opinion about their perception of your business.


4. Competition is tough


Chances are, your competitor already has a Facebook page and maybe a huge number of followers. If you don’t start now, you are guaranteed to be left behind one day. You may have a better product than your competitor but you don’t want your customer to leave you behind and turn to your competitor because they have build relationship with your customers, right?


5. You can build a community on your Facebook page.


Have a look at Meme Comic Indonesia, the biggest meme community in Indonesia having 2.1 million likes. Although the community is more about crowd sourcing of meme content, the followers are quite militant and every time the admin publish a book or a merchandise, followers always hunt the book like there’s no tomorrow. Books always sold out, and followers keep looking for it and when they get one, they tend to post a selfie of them with the book and share to the community. How powerful is that?


Having a community is also like having soldiers who will defend your business whenever your brand is under attack. Have a look at the picture and consider this article of Classic Pepsi and Coca Cola wars. Pepsi tried to grab people’s attention by having an ads for Halloween involving Coca Cola’s trademark, although it is mentioned in the article that either Coca Cola or its agency was the one who give the unofficial response, but I believe this is done by one of Coca Cola’s fans.




Still need more reason not to use facebook page? So go out there and get your own business page!




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