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One of the best ways to improve your restaurant business is to reach out to food bloggers. Not only your restaurant is going to be #1 in search engine ranking, but well known too! Keep in mind to always have creative fresh ideas, because the less you make the food bloggers think about how to promote your restaurant, the more likely they would do it. With some of the tips in hand, I will help you with the process to make your business viable with these list of food bloggers! 





AnakJajan is a Food and Travel blog based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The team behind Anak Jajan blog is the couple Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa. They love to share story about food, cooking, travel, and shopping experience around the world. 

Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa



Chlea Living

Inspired by people, things surrounding and ideas, the owner Stephanie Jaya created the blog. Chléa Living is a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to collecting and sharing all things happy, sunny, and yummy! With extensive reach of 20.000 visitors/month, Chlea Living is one to consider, for sure. 

Stephanie Jaya




Eat and Treats

What started out as hobby is now an obsession to other people. Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto is the treated author of eatandtreats and he has been dishing, documenting and share his love of food since October 2012. His blog is currently growing as one of the leading food blog in Jakarta with increasing readers daily. 

Hans Danial





Eat Drink Macet is a Jakarta food blog. Consist of two Australians who both living and working in South Jakarta. They love to eat and they are particularly interested in Jakarta street food, especially warungs and wartegs.  

James & Kate   @EatDrinkMacet





Niya have a big appetite as well as big bones, and she's not afraid to admit it! She likes to eat well, sleep and travel well!






ESHtravaganza is a website blog about food and restaurant in Indonesia, that mostly covering the area of Jakarta which experienced directly and written by Eddy Dye.

Eddy Suryadi





Aline calls food as her obsession, passion, and love. What makes Foolosophy journal different is that the fact she cooks too. She would post dish that she cooks herself into the blog and write honestly about it. It's the unity of foods all around. 

Aline Chandra



Ivy's Life

Ivy's Life is sort of like a diary. She shares almost everything that happen in her life. She loves to write about fashion, food and her traveling experience. 


Ivy   @ivy9_in





JenzCorner calls her name indeed for justice, as it is about Jen's corner. Her blog is an independent restaurant review blog mostly focusing on restaurants and street food in Jakarta. This particular blog doesn't accept invitation and even paid review, Jen only cares about writing what she thinks right.

Jeny Kwok   @JenzCorner




From a hobby to a blog, that's how Lulabyspoon were created. The owner, Cindy and June likes to take pictures of the dishes and posting it their social media platforms.  

Cindy Lulaby & June 





Myfunfoodiary was made in July 2012 and has become one of the valuable online source for local and international tourist food enthusiast. It is a jakarta based food and travel blog managed by Mullie Marlina, a young, lovely and blessed wife who loves to share her culinary experience through her writing. 

Mullie Marlina




The purpose of the blog is to show the love they both have for food. Behind all that, the blog was created by two best friends who live far by named Masdit (in Germany) and Mbaven (in Jakarta). They love to talk about food and they know how to talk it right!

Adtya Perdana & Vendryana




Selby's Food Corner

Like the name, Selby is a girl who loves food and really enjoy taking pictures of them. Unlike any other food blogger, Selby also personally likes to snap pictures of street foods!





The Delicacies Journal

Shel loves to design as well as take picture. She loves to work with creative and enthusiast people. In her blog "The Delicacies Journal", she share about food location and recommendation to the readers.

Shelmi Setiawan




Founded on November 2010, this blog is owned by the couple Daisy Caroline and Yu Kato who love to share the same passion about enjoying food and taking photos of them. An informative, accurate and honest reviews are what you're going to see when you visiting Thefoodescape blog. 


Daisy Caroline




He is a food blogger, writer, videographer and food storyteller. He loves sharing things about his culinary travel around the world. Other than that, he also do a consultation on digital marketing initiatives and activation, which would be perfect for you who want to elevate your restaurant to the next level. 

Fellexandro Ruby   @captainruby

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