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Many people don't believe me when I said that DJ can help grow your business. In the new independent era of rap where artist is in more control of their destiny, DJ are well suited to light up the party! I notice that many artists continuing the old aged theme of allowing a DJ to mix their songs while shouting their business slogans and increase 30% of awareness. Hence, set your business on fire with the night music and person as I already listed you these top DJ's in town! 

al asad

Al Asad ( Electro House & Tech House)

Al Asad is a DJ from Indonesia, performing within the field of Electro House, Tech House music and is ranked 20888 on the official DJ rankings list,


Arief Rachman "GONG" ( Hard Dance,Hardcore/Hard Techno)

Arief Rachman aka Gong was born in Bandung in west Java island of Indonesia and music has been his passion through out his life. Spent half of his life in Sydney-Australia and ...


Adieh Flowz ( Electro House & Progressive House)

The real names Aditya Rangga Ilahude, 26 years old and he is better known in the music scene with the nickname ADIEH FLOWZ , Has started a DJing and producing music in early 2007-2008,

spin ben

DSPIN BEN ( House & Tech House)

DJ DSpin Ben is a Canadian DJ, lives in Jakarta . He started his career in 2007. At First it was a hobby with Toronto Urban R&B and Hip Hop local Radio Station, then it became ...


HARD FACTORZ (Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno)

HardFactorz enter Hardstyle and Hardcore scene in 2005. His passion in music is very strong in electronic music, which mainly related to harder style and gabber/hardcore in dan...

angger dimas

Angger Dimas (Electro House)

Angger Dimas is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene, performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 329 on the official DJ rankings list 


Ilya Soloviev (Trance)

At the age of only 22, this extremely talented DJ has quickly established himself as one of the most in demand trance artists in Russia, playing regularly at all major clubs in this world’s biggest country


Kesha Ayres ( Electro House & Progressive house )

Kesha Ayres is an up and coming female DJ and Producer from the UK based in Bali, Indonesia. Born in the South West of England into a family who listened to music 24/7 from...

krazy sandi

Krazy Sandi ( Techno & Trance )

Krazy Sandi is a famous DJ and producer that was born in Jakarta, lived for several years in Canada and recently moved to Shenzhen. In the 90s he won the Indonesian DJ Champion...


LMR ( Trance )

It all started back in 2002 when LMR was introduced to the Electronic Dance Music scene. It began in Jakarta where he joined Camouflage and starts to organize events. Learning ...


Louise Tan ( Silk Music )

Born in Jakarta , Louis Tan, aka LTN, first settled in Perth WA, but soon found himself on the move to capture a piece of Australia's Leading dance music where else, 


Milinka Radisic ( Progressive House)

Milinka Radisic is known as the very first Indonesian female DJ to spin global. This unique blend of Indonesian and Serbian parents has forged herself to a reputation as one of...


Mumuch (Breaks & House)

DJ-ing since 1983, Stadium's Jakarta own Roger Sanchez has been playing for the club in the past seven years. His unique tribal style has won many followers who come to see him...


Myra Alexa ( Tech House & Techno )

Myra Alexa is performing within the field of Tech House, Techno music and is ranked 10926 on the official DJ rankings list..


Pietro Farrdel ( Trance )

About Pietro Farrdel He is just an ordinary man who loves DJing from very young age, inspired by Mix Master Marwin he start to djing in 1988 in his hometown until he graduated..


Riri Mestica (Dance)

Being 15 years in the dance industry has made Riri Mestica the person who has set the ball rolling in Indonesia’s underground culture. He is now the high flying Indonesian DJ...


Sumantri (Progressive House)

Sumantri, now a Jakarta based DJ / COMPOSER / PRODUCER, started DJ-ing at high school dances during the Euro-House era, founding a name for himself in Boston. After five years ...


Vendart  ( Techno & Trance )

My interest of entertainment started in 2000, where in frequent I entered club to club and enjoying played music. Started from “like” and finally...

will wjy

William Wijaya ( Hip-Hop)

Ww is a DJ from Indonesia, Ww is performing within the field of Hip-Hop music and is ranked 7057 on the official DJ rankings list 


Yasmin ( Electro House )

Yasmin's love for music began at an early age when she was exposed to a vast variety of musical influences as a young girl growing up in the cosmopolitan
and cultural melting pot of Jakarta

yazz illi

Yazz Illi ( Progressive House & Psy-Trance )

Dj Yazz describe his music style in House,Tech-House,Progressive, and Trance. his music is influenced by the likes of PVD, Tiesto, Saed&Palash, Valentino..


Yecko ( Electro & House )

DJ Yecko sebelumnya hanya seorang pengunjung klab dan dunia dance music pun mulai membuatnya tertarik. Mulailah Yecko belajar di Beat Box DJ School dan..


Yudha Satria ( Electro & Progressive House )

Al Asad is a DJ from Indonesia, performing within the field of Electro House, Tech House music and is ranked 20888 on the official DJ rankings list,

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