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It’s never been easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are living in the busiest city like, Jakarta and this is when social media came to practice. When it comes to brands and businesses, every social media’s goal is to help companies reach their respective audiences through captivating images. Pura Vida and O’ Healthy Choice apply this social phenomenon as a business operation on a philosophy of creating nourishing to the society. Basically, Instagram has become the active medium used by both brands to promote their products. Therefore, here are some friendly tips on how to effectively use Instagram to get your business started.

Post quality and authentic contents.

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Quality content can be defined by posting quality photos and videos, which has to be relevant to the lifestyle that the brand is promoting. Furthermore, the content that you are sharing needs to be authentic because it may help you build genuine connection with your community.

Both Pura Vida and O’ Healthy Choice has shared an inspiring post of their past experiences, which showcasing their product capabilities and these two brands have received a positive response.


Use relevant hashtags#

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Hashtags are an effective and necessary tactic to leverage your business marketing. Learn to choose the right #hashtag for your brand is the best to get discovered by your target audiences and you can easily get involved with the community.

For example, since both Pura Vida and O’ Healthy are focusing on clean eating lifestyle thus, they use relevant hashtags like #healthyfood #eatclean and #cleaneating to help expose their products to larger community.


Engage with your community/followers.

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You may need to keep engaging with your community because it can increase your brand awareness and one of the best ways is by running Instagram photo contest. Contest on Instagram is designed to incentivize your community to share content promoting your brand with the use of prizes and giveaways.

This is an effective way to build participation between both parties. It will show you the most passionate and involved followers that eventually, the content that your followers sharing give you an invaluable form of promotion because it may encourage more people to participate as well.

Furthermore, you may need to reward your followers with discount codes and promos because this will make them view your profile a priority.


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On the other note, a great photograph is essential in visual business marketing thus, it is important to understand the details like composition and lightning on how to produce an appealing image especially when it comes to food photography.

First of all, do not ever use a camera flash and the very best light to use is indirect daylight because it will give a bright and sharp result.

Next is framing, you need to decide which angle best suits your subject. For example, a flat round pizza will look best from directly above while a stack high burger will look best directly at eye level (The Serious Eats Team 2015).

Once you have got the basic done, it is time to get creative with the concept by bringing in some props or adding some dimension to the frame.


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Last but not least, you may want to try the use of celebrity in terms of endorsement and review. Celebrities are known to be a trendsetter, they have thousand or even million fans/followers so this is another good choice to create buzz for your brand. O’ Healthy Choice and Pura Vida has applied this method and it is worth it!









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