No Visitor Coming Back To My Site, Why?

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The number one challenge faced by brand new business is a little traffic. Because, when your site/product aren’t get any traffic, then it means is zero sales. What makes people press the back button shortly after they visiting your website? Why do they go so quickly? and what makes them didn’t coming back to your site?


Why aren’t they coming back??

Maybe, I can start with this:


Popups. Hey, this oldie but a goodie, and yet we still encountered them. Probably your site have this pop-up ads that sometimes annoying for some people. Being that said, even if your content is good, people won’t bother to look at it anymore.


Slow Loading. I mean, people not going to visit your site only, there were maybe hundred website they want to go to. If  your website is too slow to load, not only it would cause trouble to some, but they will never coming back again.


No Details.  Let alone, the contact detail. You should never forget to place the contact detail on your site. Because that’s is what caught the attention of first-time visitors. Never place your contact detail somewhere that is hard to find. It’s a big NO NO.


Design Matters. Yes, people its true! Look does matter, but don’t take this too much. Some people tend to put all the elements in one page, which left no room for a visitor’s eyes to breathe. What this means? confusion and they will never coming back. People who come for the first time will likely feel constricted rather than excited.


The forgettable Categories. People does forget about this. They thought they can just write anything, but this thing does matter. Unclear categories makes it doesn’t worth visiting for. The categories section enables a first time visitor to browse through your service/product smoothly. So from now on, pay attention on that.




Do you have encountered one of this mistakes? If you do, fix it asap! because you don’t want to let this happen again and make your visitors feel happy, safe and satisfied to always coming back to your site!


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