How Do Marketers Craft Better Post After The Change of Facebook News Feed?

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In January, 2014, Facebook announced that they changed the news feed. But it definitely bumped the marketers. Facebook changes the news feed layout once in awhile to promote better user interface and in the end, make itself look and run better. But how can that affect the actual idea of marketing, if in the end, what they do hurts those looking to advertise on the social media giant? There are many different ways that the social network has changed the way people connect, but if that ends up hurting businesses, is it worth it?


Marketers Change Everything

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While the idea of instant articles on your Facebook news feed is a great thought, it can end up hurting marketers and those that actually write the news more than you would imagine. These marketers will end up needing to purchase premium ad space just in order to get their advertisements seen by all Facebook users. This can be quite harmful for those who may not want to spend that much on advertising, or perhaps they cannot spend that much. Because of this new change, and new approach, it has now been made clear that marketers will have to change the way that they try and reach the consumer.


Marketers Need to Improvise Their Content Strategy

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With the idea of marketing on Facebook now changing, advertisers and marketers now have to change the way that they actually reach their consumers. This involves a major overhaul of their content and just what they can bring to the table. If spending money on the premium ad space is not doable, what more can they do in order to get their word and ads out in the world? To put it simply, they need to change the way that they try and connect with people on social media. They have to find some way to get their word out that will actually connect more with those users, in a way they may not have thought about before.


Marketers Should Target on Best Audience to Engage

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One way of making sure that they can get the consumer base they want and need is to target more on those audiences that are going to use the social network more. They have to go through and decide which audiences are the best ones to engage. For instance, younger audiences are on the social platform more so than older ones. So, should they design their ads and content to be geared more toward them? And if so, just how do you make sure that they will see them and care about them? These are all questions that marketers now need to answer to make sure that they will be more successful.


In the end, Facebook can do a lot of good for both the news media and advertising. The problem stands that it will always be changing. Therefore, the marketers and those that use it for promotion will need to change as well. Advertising is not as it used to be and once that is well known, people will be able to change their strategies more quickly and more effectively.


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