The Power of Social Media to Promote Healthy Behaviours!

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Founder Anie Tidara and Willy Priyoko calls DariTidara an accidental business that born out of their desire to find a low calorie and healthy drink yet still unique. “we wanted to pay more attention to hydration and we found that Chia seeds can be made into a beverage, hence they become hooked on the seeds.


Innovation of New Healthy Product

1. Boost awareness with healthy food

With the movement of healthy communities surround the town lately, the awareness has been increased, especially in Jakarta. Daritidara goal is to make their brand seen as the healthy food product that can reach wider audience. Hence, the signature Chia Pudding that is a mixed of chia seeds and raw almond milk is created.

Served in a jar sized of 250ml, CHIAKRA is a chia pudding mixed of fresh fruit puree and super food. Came in 3 variants, which is mango, avocado and red dragon is perfect to boost the energy of especially the busy Jakartanians. Other than CHIAKRA, their famous creation called CHIAMIX has also been the customers favorite. It is the mixed of chia seeds with blended mango and raw almond milk topped with homemade muesli and fresh fruit. Who can resist that? When I type this, I can’t stop thinking of Chia pudding already. Without further due of explanation, here the preview of their amazing pudding.


Healthy and Yum at the same time? Yes please! Above is the CHIAKRA


2. Good quality makes everything

To maintain the good quality, CHIAKRA is always produced and made by request. With the use of organic ingredients, fresh fruits and non-preservative, Daritidara Chia pudding only can be restored maximum for 4 days.


Yum Yum CHIAMIX! [that’s Daritidara Signature!]


3. Daritidara behind the scene

The inspiration behind the name of Daritidara was initially a problem to Anie herself, because she don’t think that her name would be suitable for the product and business. But then, she finally decided to use because the meaning shows the balance which complements their product. Daritidara means balance which give a good perception of Daritidara itself to create a calm yet conducive body and mind conditions with a good eating behavior. Other than that, the name is pretty fun and quite easy to remember.


Anie clarifies herself that she never thought that this business would goes so well. They only know that they have good quality product and networks. Coming from well experience in marketing communication and media, Anie and Willy have a lot of good networks. They both believe that goodwill comes back and forth. With the news spread of their good friend, now Daritidara is known so well in Jakarta. “Start small, Start now”, that’s what they believe.


4. Love and know what you do

Anie and Willy said that they are lucky that get to learn so much from their mentors. Start from the product storage and finance report, they believe that they have done the business execution seriously despite the newly launched of Daritidara.  They both clarified that their profit has goes beyond both of their salary. That’s great news!!


“Good quality and the consistency of our presentation is our priority. Anie and Willy does whatever they have to do to produce the best. They also join with the food healthy local community to understand and introduce the benefit of healthy food consumption.

Anie and Willy notice that there aren’t the same business that offer the same product that they does. They both conclude this interview with “We can say that we are the first business that invented the homemade chia pudding in Jakarta and we will always committed to always be consistent in the healthy lane”. Great news guys, Daritidara will keep producing other healthy products in the future! Keep waiting for their awesome product!


HEY, I got list of steps on how to prepare a healthy food menu given by Anie and Willy themselves! I know, its been a pretty good day for all of us right? First thing to pay attention is:

1. Hygiene – The way you clean your food made huge impact to your food quality and taste.

2. A good chia seeds is depends on the high hydration that make it less crash.

3. Store your Almond Milk well and clean in the fridge to maintain the good quality.

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