5 Effective Ways to Use Facebook to Boost Your Traffic Site

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Your craft every word carefully, your precious words. You know the target audience you aiming for. You hit the publish button, and then what happens? Nobody reads them. I mean, no comments and shares on Facebook. Does this happen to you? Driving traffic to your site is essential, regardless of the quality of articles you write. Without readers, your efforts as a marketer fail.

Perfecting Your Writing Skills? Probably Not

Facebook provides incredible opportunities to increase your site content readership. You probably wondering, why Face book? Take a look on my post on “Why On Earth Do I Want to Create Facebook Page For My Business” to convince you. Anyway, here are 5 actionable, effective and creative methods on Facebook to attract new visitor and drive traffic to your site.


1. Make Your Images Big

Facebook post that include images get more engagement rather than post with no picture. Make your images prominent, as badly designed site or page is one of the things that could potentially hurt your brand. Check 8 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand if you aren’t sure of what I’m saying




Here’s the example of full sized post image from Digital Noobs Facebook Page. As you can see, the images is striking, relate-able and informative. I don’t mean to brag about my own site, but after you read this post, do you have a slight image of what copy blogging is now? I hope you do 🙂


2. Keep Your Updates Short & Ask Question 

Drive traffic to your site? You may want to keep it short and make it intriguing on Facebook page, so the readers can continue to go to your site. This article by Pamela Wilson will help your writing skills in order to get more people to read your content. Below is a great example from Hubspot on how they apply the method.

Keep Your Updates short


Questions naturally invoke a response, don’t they? Hence, ask your readers questions to generate click through on your site. Make it witty, short and interesting, but always keep in mind to relate your question back to your blog article.


3. Skip the Long Link

Keep your update clean, because there is no need to keep the link in the text of your post. Reminder to you people that the image and summary of your article is clickable directly to your blog article. For example, I want to post this article from Jon Loomer on Digital Noobs, hence I paste the link in the box.

Skip the link 1


After that, Delete the link.


Skip the link2

Then Boom! Time to publish. No worry and no long link.


4. Share Other People Blog Content 

Facebook marketing often blog posts from other sources and what I did on Jon Loomer article is actually a good strategy in driving more traffic to my site. Social media is all about sharing, so share the content from any sources that is relevant to your market and business


5. Facebook Ads? Yes, please

I heard you, Facebook ads is expensive. but you can choose the pay per click option, where you only play when someone clicks through to your site. Facebook ads might seem a little bit confusing, hence check out how easy I make them for you by this best practice: Facebook Marketing 


Watch your traffic actively grow with these 5 ways I prepared for you. Facebook marketing is all sequencing your efforts, so never give up. Do you have other ways to boost your site using Facebook? Share them with me on the comment below.


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