Consumer Behavior in Buying Cycle

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The purchase is only the visible part of a more complex decision process created by the consumer for each buying decision he/she makes. But what happens before and after this purchase? What are the factors influencing the choice of product purchased by the consumer?

Today, let’s focus on the Consumer Buying Decision Process and the stages that lead a shopper to purchase a new product.

Consumer Behavior in Buying Process


1. Problem Recognition

Stage one is the recognition of the particular problem or need and in this early stage, the buyer has a need to satisfy or a problem that needs to be solved, and this is the beginning of the buyer decision process.

2. Information Search

Stage two is where we begin to search for information about the product or service. Buyers in this stage will begin to look around to find out what choices available out there and they start to figure out what might be the best product or service to solve the problem or to satisfy particular needs.

3. Evaluation

At stage three, buyers will evaluate all the chosen products/services and any alternatives whereby the buyer decides upon a set of criteria by which to assess each alternative

4. Purchase Decision

On stage four, buyers make the final call of what to buy and from which supplier. At this point, a buyer has already done enough research and willing to take the risk to try the product with a hope that he/she will be satisfied.  

5. Post Purchase Consumer Behavior

Interestingly the process does not stop at the point of purchase because there is a stage five called the post-purchase evaluation. The process continues even when the product or service is being consumed by the individual or business. So if it doesn’t meet buyer’s needs or solve his/her problem, then you should take action to improve the product or service. Your actions at this point might inform other potential buyers who would be keen to hear about their experiences – good or bad.


Understand the Consumer Buying Decision Process in order to adapt your marketing strategy

By improving their knowledge of the Consumer Buying Decision Process, brands can improve their marketing strategy to effectively respond and be present with their customers at each stage of their buying behavior. And thus raise and create a need, strengthen their relationship with their customers and grow their sales.


It always starts with a recognition of a need!

As previously mentioned, the start of the buying behavior of the consumer is the need recognition. If there is no need, there is no purchase! That’s why generate or reinforce a need in consumers’ mind to trigger the buying behavior has a fundamental importance for brands.


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